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Mountview Road School

Frindle by Andrew Clements

March 01 - 22, 2017

Letter to parents - sent home March 01, 2017
Book sent home with students (one per family) on March 01, 2017 after kick-off assembly.  

If you'd like to listen to a MTV staff member read a chapter of the book, click on the chapter number below.  Be sure to follow along with the text!

Reading Schedule

Chapter One: "Nick" - Read on March 1
Read by Mrs. Pratola
Think and Talk Questions: 
1. Do you think Nick sounds like he could be a “troublemaker?”
2. What kind of pranks does Nick do in Chapter 1?
3. What do you think of Nick’s character so far?
4. Would you want to be friends with him? Why or Why not?

Chapter Two: "Mrs. Granger" - Read on March 2
Read by Miss Merten
Think and Talk Questions: 

1. What subject does Mrs. Granger teach?  What does she love?

2. Why does Nick think there is no use for dictionaries?

Chapter Three: "The Question" - Read on March 3
Read by Mrs. DeSino
​Think and Talk Questions: 
1. What is the first thing the students do in Mrs. Granger’s class each week?
2. What is Nick’s “guaranteed-time-waster” question to Mrs. Granger?
3. What is Mrs. Granger’s answer to this question?  What does she make Nick do?
4. How do the students refer to Mrs. Granger (behind her back)?

Chapter Four: "Word Detective" - Read on March 6
Read by Mrs. Rizzo
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. What is the homework rule in Nick’s house?

  2. What does Nick use to research information for his oral report?

  3. Why do you think Nick grins at the end of Chapter 4?

Chapter Five: "The Report" - Read on March 7
Read by Mrs. Petro and Mrs. Allieri
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. Why does Nick have “a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach” at the beginning of Chapter 5?

  2. What was the title of Nick’s report?

  3. What was Nick’s initial plan when he presented his report to the class?

  4. How did Mrs. Granger react to Nick’s oral report?

  5. Did Nick’s plan work? Why?

Chapter Six: "The Big Idea" - Read on March 8
Read by Mrs. Huettenmoser
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. What did Nick call the word “music” when he was 2 years old?

  2. What did Nick call Janet’s pen?

  3. What is the oath the “six secret agents” promised to say or do?

Chapter Seven: "Word Wars" - Read on March 9
Read by Mrs. Lisewski
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. Did Mrs. Granger like the new name for a pen? How do you know?

  2. Mrs. Granger asked Nick to stop disrupting her class. What does the author mean by saying, “Her eyes were lit up, but it was mostly light, not much heat.”

Chapter Eight: "Mightier Than the Sword" - Read on March 10
Read by Miss Martucci
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. What do you think Mrs. Granger wrote in her letter to Nick?

  2. Why did Mrs. Granger ask Nick to sign and date the back of the envelope?

  3. What was the consequence for students saying the new name for pen? Do you agree with this consequence?  Why?  

  4. Do you think there should be a consequence?

  5. What was the result of 200 5th-graders breaking Mrs. Granger’s rule?

Chapter Nine: "Chess" - Read on March 13
Read by Miss Bracho
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. How did Nick’s mom react to Mrs. Chatham’s complaint?  Why?

  2. How did Nick’s dad react to Mrs. Chatham’s complaint? Why?

  3. Describe how Nick compares his situation to a chess game.

Chapter Ten: "Freedom of the Press" - Read on March 14
Read by Miss McNally & Ms. Geannakakes
​Think and Talk Questions:
  1. Who is Judy Morgan?  Why is she at Nick’s school?

  2. How did Mrs. Granger answer Judy Morgan’s question, “How goes the battle?”

  3. How do the students know Mrs. Granger stopped looking at their punishment papers?

Chapter Eleven: "Extra! Extra! Read all About it" - Read on March 15
Read by Miss Zysk
​Think and Talk Questions:
  1. What is the title of the Westfield Gazette article?

  2. What does the author mean by saying, “It was the particular way she told the truth that got things hopping around town.”?

  3. How did Nick’s mom, the superintendent, Mrs. Chatham, and Mrs. Granger react to the newspaper article? Why?

Chapter Twelve: "Airwaves" - Read on March 16

Read by Mr. Pomel and Mrs. Downey
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. What was the “price” Nick paid for being a local hero? Did he like it? Why?

  2. What did Bud Lawrence do with the word, “frindle?” Why?

  3. Who is Alice Lunderson and what did she do in the story?

  4. What was Nick’s answer to Alice’s question, “So what’s next for you and your new word?”

Chapter Thirteen: "Ripples" - Read on March 17
Read by Mrs. Rothman
​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. Describe how “frindle-mania” was over except for Bud Lawrence and Nick.

  2. What was now the first word on the 5th grade weekly spelling test? How did students spell it every week? Why did Mrs. Granger do this?

Chapter Fourteen: "Inside Nick" - Read on March 20
Part 1, Read by Mr. McCarthy
Part 2, Read by Mr. Gathen

​Think and Talk Questions: 
  1. How did Nick change because of the excitement about “frindle”?

  2. What was he good advice Mrs. Granger gave Nick?

  3. How long did it take for Nick’s frindle story to end?

Chapter Fifteen: "And the Winner Is..." - Read on March 21
Read by Miss Bellino
​Think and Talk Questions:
  1. Why does Mr. Allen not tell Nick about $2,250?

  2. How has Nick’s character changed since the beginning of the book?

  3. Do you think Mrs. Granger truly enjoyed having Nick in her class?

  4. What was your favorite part of the story? You may write your answer and ask your teacher to post it on the Frindle board.

  5. Talk about your reaction to Mrs. Granger’s letter to Nick.

  6. After reading Mrs. Granger’s letter, what did Nick suddenly understand?
  7. If you could change one part of the story, what would it be? You may write down your idea and ask your teacher to post in on the Frindle board.
  8. Draw a picture of your favorite part of Frindle and ask your teacher to post it on the Frindle board.


Thank you for sharing the first One-Book-One-School experience at Mountview Road School.  Please let your teachers know how you enjoyed the program.  If you would like MTV to continue the program in the future, please suggest a great book for all of us to share.  Happy reading​!
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